Beatitude  34
March 1987       



Front and Back covers by ;James Redo

  Editors: Kathy Goss and Paul Landry                                                                                

The size of Beatitude # 34 is  5 1/2" x 8 1/2" rather than the usual 8.5" x 11.
beatitude34 pocketThere were more submissions then would fit onto Beatitude 34's pages.Not
wanting to leave out anyone who had submitted, Editor Kathy Goss designed a special pocket inside the back cover, she reprinted the extras making them smaller though still completely legible and they all fit perfectly into the little pocket.
Included were Bob Kaufman's Waltzes On San Franciso's Bay - Stage-Original Saxaphone Score Composed of Richie Flores © 1986~also found in pocket is a little Mongolian Sunset in Gobi Desert by Bob Kaufman , Memorial to Billie Holiday by David Gollub, a postcard photo of Shig, a drawing of Corso by Redo with the words 'Don't Touch My Fleshness" by Corso, a Poem by César Vallejo ~ , a poem by Carla Kadiusky, She Has No Time. and a copy of the Proclamation from Diane Feinstein, Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco proclaiming April 11, 1987 as BOB KAUFMAN DAY IN SAN FRANCISCO. There is also a small flyer for A Jazz Play titled KEROUAC ~The Essence of Jack being presentedin San Francisco by The Julian Theatre, and a poem by Ruth Weiss. Four for Sutter.  -The One Who Comes to Question Himself has cared for mankind - Patchen poem on inside pocket (contributed by Mariam Patchen )

     Printed at the top of the pocket inside is THANKS TO OUR SUPPORTERS:
  Cafe Americain, 317 Columbus,SF
  Caffe Sport, 574 Green,SF
  Caffe Trieste, 601 Vallejo,SF
  City Lights Bookstore, 261 Columbus,SF
  Cuneo Italian-French Bakery, 1501 Grant,SF
  Curly's Coffee Shop, 500 Columbus
  Departments, 1450 Grant,SF
  Galletti Bros. Shoe Service,SF
  Dennis Wills & Mickey Beck,
  Grant Antiques,1415 Grant, SF
  Il Pollaio, 555 Columbus, SF
  North Beach Restaurant, 1512 Stockton,SF
  Spec's 12 Adler, SF
  Tony's', 308 Columbus, SF
  Union Street Produce, 801 Union, SF © all rights reserved
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