Beatitude #33beatitude33
cover painting of Bob Kaufman
by Byron Hunt


     Edited by Jeffrey Grossman
     Beatitude San Francisco


Byron Hunt, painter, poet, free spirit and noted story teller in the community for his contribution which served as a catalyst in the making of this book.

Past editors, who, in the Beatitude tradition of floating editorship, have been the backbone of its continuum, starting in '59 with Bob Kaufman and friends. Later in the 60's revitalized by Stephan Schwartz, aided financially by Shig Murao. Then again in the '70's by Luke Breit, Raymond Foye, Neeli Cherkovski and Jack Hirschman. Since then Tisa Walden edited two, one with financial support from Dean Lipton. Other editions were put out by H.D.Moe, Ken Wainio, Kristen Wetterhahn and Nate May.

Nancy J. Peters and Lawrence Ferlinghetti of City Lights Bookstore who in the past and in this issue have readily offered permission to republish poems and pictures.

Archivist: Louis Collins

Typesetting: Al-Marie Langston, Stephan Schwartz, Jane Brundage, Re/search

Proofreading: Roderick Iverson, Paul Landry, Sara McCintock

Paste-up: Albert Goodwyn

Graphic Design and production coordination: Jane Brundage

Beatitude bartenders: Scott5 and Winnie Mc Clintock

Jean Grossman

The community of North Beach led by Specs and
Caffe Trieste for their support of the poets.

Each one of the poets and editors above has contributed constructive comment, poems, pictures to this particular issue

Editor, Jeffrey Grossman


Sara McClintock and Jeffrey Grossman

Eyes to eyes these voices speak liberation going to come home to being Rootless to wander way from US with an insistence upon Armour ie Ka
A mer a sea ah ca
Empowering corn to move US into this space of no time revelation of love.
Satisfied by the muse of happy poesy this song singing what it is to be
Home in time to catch the sun setting Spring's life signs delivering
Its first cry of winter priests' return from interior travels
Sustained by no image of itself reflected in avenues of crinkled cloth
Where the fluttering and the glide of gulls to jazz horn ecstasies of self
Make day see double in single minded peyote songs that've heard the last
Apple seed's crystal silence see the last invisible form like a fugitive
Barrell gone mad roll down stone steps to bite open the dawn with teeth o'light
The next seat's waltz the perfect hamburger la brula flower of revolution the poem
With its kaddishes and the people in our lives ah this mystic life the wind
Articulated within US against US this breeze within light dancing on
Wood rock floors of rough split splinters spintering sign posts speaking
Thru sea bird street people participating in no strange mystery 'bout the
Lives we lead the fur the tri-cycles under field o high magic's salt notable
In that it seems a formal possibility meeting in this book shaking loose
In cover opening to warm springs and the heart's cool blue solitary feast
In which all past hours reason no end to this era staging faces in print
Merging into new wave ripplings of love winded to wound hostility 'til even
Children as ecstasy where but those moments happening heat 'n sweating myth
Briefing this world in fire explode pre source o darklight Beatific

Beatitude Silver Anniversary Poets
Editor Jeffrey Grossman

Sara McClintock and Jeffrey Grossman photo © Michelle Boleyn


 Jack Kerouac
 Gregory Corso
 Kaye McDonough
 H.D. Moe
 Howard Hart
 Tisa Walden
 John Mueller
 Kirby Doyle
 David Meltzer
 Jack Hirschman
 Lynne Wildey
 Martin Matz
 George Tsongas
 Christa Hensley
 Harold Norse
 Luke Breit
 Steve Schwartz
 Denyse Du Roi
 Anne Waldman
 Latif Harris
 Ira Cohen
 Philip Whalen
 Michael McClure
 Gary Synder
 Allen Ginsberg
 Lawrence Ferlinghetti
 Andre Breton
 Michael Koch
 Raymond Faye,
 Robert Sharrad

 Nancy J. Peters &
 Philip Lamentia
 Stephen Ronan
 St. Lucy
 John Meek
 Cassandra Sagan
 Nonos Valoritis
 John Landry
 Jeffrey Grossman
 Sara McClintock
 Jeffrey Miller
 Jayne Lyn Stahl
 Eric Walker
 Bryan Chelsey
 Joie Cook
 Roderick Iverson
 Jameson Estes
 Ken Wainio
 Tony Seymour
 Andre Codrescu
 Peter Plate
 Dale Wilson
 Attila Csanyi
 William Maher
 Diana Saenz
 Julian Black
 Emerson Brown
 Jerome Kulek
 Charles Price
 Tommy Thompson
 Bear Williamson

 Kurt Cline
 Joanne DeVivo
 J. Cleave Barker
 Rebecca Long
 Joanne McClure
 Jeremi Cainan
 Michelle Boleyn
 Jean Diekes Carlisle
 Janet Cannon
 Bill Austin
 Darrell Gauff
 Michael Helm
 George Benet
 Sarah Menefee
 Julia Vinograd
 Layeh Bock-Pallant
 Gerald Nicosia
 Louis Cuneo
 Bob Miller
 Gary Gach
 Ruth Weiss
 Sutter Marin
 O.R. Hand
 Jack Micheline
 Ted Jones
 Stuart Z. Perkoff
 Ralph La Charity
 Allen Cohen
 Louis Collins

 Robert Higginbotham
 Janice Blue
 Nancy Nadeau
 Dan Davidson
 Tony Seldon
 Mel Clay
 Rebekka Whetstyne
 Dejan D. Markovic
 Roberto Valenza
 David Applefield
 Ronald Auer
 Rosemary Manno
 Paul Landry
 Geoffrey Alexander
 William Everson
 Al Feldman
 Kathleen Dunbar
 Robert D. Gillman
 John Ratiff
 Rudy Jon Tanner
 John Kliphan
 Gwynn O'Gara
 John Norton
 Jerry Ratch
 John Wieners
 B. Alberti
 Eugene Ruggles
 Byron Hunt
 Alberto Huerta
 Bob Kaufman

Visual Artists and Photographers

Byron Hunt - front cover, painting of Bob Kaufman
Alex Segal
Willam S. Burroughs
Lawrence Strauss
Gregory Corso
Chris Felver
John Mureo
Maurine O'Conner
Jimo Pirini
James Redo
Dejan Markovic
Nate May
Robert Newrock
Kristen Wetterhahn
Jean Dierkes Carlisle
Neil Hollier
Tom Robinson
Marie Wilson

David Gladstone
Jim Cook
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
St. Lucy
Sara McClintock
Dale Wilson
Tom Tuttle
Donna Bastanta
D. Vinograd
John Paul Carobus ll
Sutter Matin
Jack Micheline
Wally Sands
Michelle Boleyn
Robin Jones
Judith Esther
Tony Genero
Mark Green
Courtesy of Alberto Huenta

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