Beatitude #23 beatitude23


 BEATITUDE #23                       February 1976

Edited by  Jack Hirschman
and Kristen Wetterhahn
@ copyright Beatitude Press 1976


The editors wish to express thanks for help given by the North Beach Community Arts Association in its No. 21 Issue edited by Luke Breit. And for art work for this issue



Our politic for this double issue: to catch the moral
soaring" on the street, in prison, on the land, that
keeps brothers and sisters at their praises, and those
praises comrade gestures here apexed as finest recent
work. The translative sensibilities, at this mimeo
streetcafe level, are meant to 'root the tradewinds Red'
for at the heart, of the 3rd (eye-political) world, we
are recurrent in the 4th , Not the name of a horse, or
horse, but a dimension where the pscho-sexual-electrical
hang-ups of national wires are given their flower-the
Lyripol-of poem, the resolution of yin/yang; and in
its most proper place: as agit propaganda for the child's
play all true actions of solidarity hope to evoke In
this, we will insist upon ourselves and comrades as-within
village-rooted unlimits-walking planers; that electrical
hustles are insensitive to any human nature and represent
capitalism's decay into robot nature; the arch-enemy of
the poem. With 1976 we celebrate the bicentennial, in
microcosm, of the siting of San Francisco by Juan Bautista
Anza. Like those reflexes of arm or hand, the turn of head,
the overheard word, the sign language practiced by the
common friend in each of us, passing on the street not
without fear but (and here it is) without fear, these
gestures of poem and graphics are meant to wave in the
highest ethereal sense Beatitude, a passport to the
irregardless 'dump' and irreligious Red event of the
River of language that silks the soles of shoes and puts
fire in hearts chilled by those who do not yet know that
the ship communism is sinking is a rotten one, and all
mainlands none the worse for it.

                                                   THE EDITORS

Table of Contents       


Jerry Ratch
David Joseph
Victor Lake
Edward Mezhelaitis (translated from the Russian translation of the Lithuanian original by Jack Hirschman
Leslie Scalapinao
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Nick Ramirez (translated from Spanish
by Jack Hirschman
Irving Stettner
Paul Wear
Pablo Neruda (translated from Spanish
by Stephen Kessler)
Nat Scammacca (translated from the Italian
by Jack Hirschman
John Boland
Barbara Rosson (Composed in Spanish
and Translated
by the Barbara Rosson)
Steve Schutzman
Ken Wainio
Keith Shein
Ric Balker
Sky Garner
Pamela Edwards
F.L. Richmond (Translated from the French
by Gary Koch)
Larry Sparks
Opal L. Nations
George Tsangos
Jerry Estrin
Grant Fisher
Paul Vangelisti
Max Schwartz
Andre Codrescu
Rene Depestre (Translated from the French
by Jack Hirschman
Beau Beausoleil
Kate McDonough
Barry Einenberg
Broderick Iverson
Anna Ahkmotova November 1961(in delirium (Translated from the Russian by Doreen Stock)
Jonas Nekas (Translated from Lithanian by Byt. Bakaitis)
Doreen Stock
Ted Pearson

Margherita Guidacci (Translated from Italian by Marina LaPalma)
Stepen Kessler
George Trakl(Translated
from German by J.
Rutherford Willems)
Philip Suntree
Paul Foreman
John R. Mueller
Robert Gluck
Paule DiPucio (Translated from French by Gary Gach)
Wayne Miller
Noni Howard
Diana Foldvary
David Moe
Merrie Wolfson
Jack Micheline
Joe Dingman
Ann Valley Fox
Rocco Scotellaro(Translated from the Italian by Paul Vangelisti)
Diane DiPrima
Francis Jammes (Translated from French by Barry Gifford
& Bettina Dickie)
Bob Arnold
Luke Breit
Kristen Wetterhahn
Jack Marshall
Jack Hirschman
Bob Kaufman

Thanks to Maryann Hayden for her typing and stencil design.

Mary Ann Hayden
J. Rutherford Williams
Steffani Neal
Dan McCleary
Sally Anderson
Diana Foldvary
Irving Stettner
Hollis Meyers
Kristen Watterhahn © all rights reserved
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