Beatitude #8beatitude 8 cover


bob kaufman
bill margolis
pierre delattre
allen ginsberg
ed freeman
david r wang
david meltzer
peter orlovsky
h mack
c v j anderson
tr - roberts blossom
ruth weiss
alan dienstag
robert stock
julius b lester
lew gardner
richard mcbride
wm a berryman
guy wernham
lawrence ferlinghetti

Beatitude 8

August 15, 1959

30¢ per copy

$& mss.may be sent
to the publisher
(bread & wine mission)
at  grant & greenwich
or c/o city lights books at 261 columbus avenue
san francisco calif
if mss. are to be returned wine is to be returned
enclose stamped envelope

in the snakepit of out city jail with a man next to him lying un attended and himself at having been stomped upon by a public Servant, kaufman writes his poems of suffering and compassionate idenification. Their immediacy characterizes much of the poetry here printed. margolis adds his poem of protest. the two poems are confiscated from the window of the bagel shop by officer 67. ed freeman descending on the beach for a week makes some great scenes performing his poems and adds his sympathy to both the black and blue, ginsberg sends a telegram but his sakayami consuels more. beatitude changes offices, we run through three bad mimeo machines, finally get a good one. at last with many poems we find beautiful to print with a good percentage of the poets out of jail, we resume out friequent publication. you may subscribe buy copies and submit mss. at the bread and wine mission, corner greenwich and grant or at various outlets at the beach.  

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